I honestly believe that if Ciavarella doesn't have certain demands met, he has threatened to spill the beans on the whole corrupt system all the way to Harrisburg.  The damage control started when the US Attorney's Office didn't present ANY evidence to support the actual "Kids for Cash" charges that were included in Ciavarella's Indictment.  "Not guilty" on 27 of the 39 charges is not a victory for the prosecution by anyone’s standards.  Before Ciavarella’s trial began I publicly predicted that the Federal Government would have to do some sort of damage control during the trial.  If they didn’t, a “Huge Can of Worms” would be opened and the ramifications could go all the way to the top. I had no idea just how extensive the damage control would be.  Even I am shocked.  I don’t care what US Attorney Peter Smith says.  None of this is adding up.

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