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If you care about freedom and equality in America, you must read this book!

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Larry Hohol - Judicial Corruption Blog

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The Whole Ciavarella Prosecution Reeks of Damage Control

Posted by Larry Hohol on Wednesday, June 1, 2011, In : Kids for Cash Scandal 
I honestly believe that if Ciavarella doesn't have certain demands met, he has threatened to spill the beans on the whole corrupt system all the way to Harrisburg.  The damage control started when the US Attorney's Office didn't present ANY evidence to support the actual "Kids for Cash" charges that were included in Ciavarella's Indictment.  "Not guilty" on 27 of the 39 charges is not a victory for the prosecution by anyone’s standards.  Before Ciavarella’s trial began I publicly predicte...
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Convicted Judge Ciavarella gives up fight for $250,000 Pension

Posted by Larry Hohol on Wednesday, April 27, 2011, In : Current News 
So at this point in time you would think a legislator like State Senator Lisa Baker would introduce legislation that would once and for all address judges and politicians trying to collect state pensions after committing crimes while in office.  That, my friends, would be meaningful legislation.  Instead, this subject will be ignored and the next time something like this happens AGAIN (and it will) everyone, including Senator Baker will act like it has never happened before and no one knows w...
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The Biggest Obstacle to Eliminating Judicial Corruption in Luzerne County

Posted by Larry Hohol on Saturday, December 11, 2010, In : Thoughts about Judicial Corruption 
In order to RESTORE faith in the Luzerne County Juvenile Justice System one would have to first assume that there was ever faith in the system to begin with.  That my friends, is a huge assumption.  As a vocal critic of the Luzerne County Judiciary for over 20 years I am here to tell you that the more I dug into the cesspool we call the Courthouse the more I came to realize that the system is corrupt all the way to Harrisburg.  Mere exposure of this corruption does absolutely nothing to chang...
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