The special Barnes & Noble Author Event featuring me and my book, The Luzerne County Railroad, continues this coming Saturday morning, June 18, with a radio interview on "The Talker", 94.3 FM during "The David Madeira Show". David Madeira will interview me between 8 and 9 AM Eastern Time on Saturday morning.  For my friends around the country an internet link to the broadcast is available.  I will be discussing my book, judicial corruption, kids for cash and other related topics.  I would be VERY grateful for your support for me by listening to my interview and by calling in to the show!

I'm very grateful for your support during my "The Sue Henry Show" appearance on WILK FM this morning!  My friends and fans kept the switchboard lit up continuosly through the broadcast.  My portion of the show was scheduled to be limited to 20 minutes but with all of the calls and interest in the interview, my segment lasted for 2 hours!  Thanks again for your amazing support!!

The David Madeira Show website