In a new Scranton Times-Tribune interview Paul Kanjorski ADMITS that there is widespread corruption in his district.  Imagine that!

I have a question.  In the two plus decades that Mr. Kanjorski served as our Congressman, what did he do about this widespread corruption?  At best, NOTHING.  At worst, he participated in it.  Why didn’t the best and brightest of Corporate America want to participate in the development of Water Jet Technology?  The answer is because it had already been developed and I wrote a Letter to the Editor 20 years ago pointing out that fact.  Mr. Smoke and Mirrors went forward with our tax money and handed this ridiculous project off to FAMILY MEMBERS who knew nothing of the technology, developed nothing in the technology, and promptly sucked millions of federal dollars out of Kanjorski’s VISION of the technology.  They enriched themselves and in the process bankrupted the company without making a single contribution to anything other than themselves. 

Do yourself a HUGE favor and watch the following Fox News Special Report titled, Congressman Paul Kanjorski’s Scandal.  This man is now going to sit back now and collect a HUGE taxpayer funded pension and spend the rest of his life trying to convince the masses of just how great he was.  From the tone of my comments I’ll bet most of you can guess where I would like to see him spend his golden years.

The Scranton Times-Tribune article: "Kanjorski Reflects on Legacy..."