I just read a new blog about the "Kids for Cash" scandal on the website "Judicial Council Watcher".  The link to the website is at the end of this blog.

As an author, I want to start off by telling you that your article was extremely well written, informative, and thought provoking.  Good job!

I am a Luzerne County native and am in the process of writing a book about the, “Kids for Cash” scandal.  In part, my Preface reads as follows:

"The nagging question is why would an entire “Judicial System” with its layers of overlapping protections and redundant safeguards knowingly allow such horrible things to happen to the most vulnerable members of our society?  This book will give you the answers.  They are answers that you will not like.”

Another quote from my first book about the corruption in Luzerne County goes as follows:

“Our country is being seriously tested today on many fronts.  All of these fronts are important to our future. Not one person amongst us should try to impact all of these challenges but all of us should have an impact on some of them.  We are failing miserably when it comes to our judiciary and most certainly our political representation.  We should never allow attorney/politicians who have become judges demand of us that we blindly trust them.  They are to be held accountable and they are to be kept under a microscope at all times. They, of all professions, need to be held to the highest of all standards and unfortunately, not trusted, but scrutinized on a daily basis.  Folks, we simply have it backwards.”

I am hearing horror stories from people from all over the United States concerning our corrupted judiciary. Things appear worse than I ever imagined. I would venture to say our situation may be as bad as when we as a country broke away from “Mother England.”  I am not kidding.  Children being imprisoned for bribe money.  Judges are issuing rulings not based on law, but on political or personal preference only to have appeals courts “rubber stamp” these illegal and unjust rulings as final and enforceable.  We have the systematic targeting of vocal critics of the “system” and the subtle and not so subtle silencing of them.   It is truly a frightening time in America.

Finally, here is the most important point that I would like to make.  As important as exposure is, it is but the first step.  Don’t assume that once a scandal or illegal activity is exposed someone will take it from there and do something about it.  Public pressure on prosecutors and legislators is essential.  Keep in mind that all prosecutors and legislators are first politicians.

Judicial Council Watcher - Kids for Cash blog