And the band plays on. Way back when Judge Kosik rejected Ex-Judge Conahan and Ciavarella’s plea deal there was dancing in the streets.  At that time I publicly voiced my concerns. I said Judge Kosik wasn't doing anyone a favor except for Conahan and Ciavarella by rejecting their pleas.  Once again I will voice my concerns and make a prediction or two.  My concerns are “Justice Delayed is Justice Denied”.   There is nothing anyone can now do about the extremely slow turning of the wheels of justice in this case.  Let us not forget that Ciavarella has appealed seven of the charges that he has been found guilty of. In addition, I am still very concerned that the US Attorney’s Office intentionally did not offer a single shred of evidence to support Ciavarella’s imprisoning of children for cash bribes even though the Indicting Federal Grand Jury saw fit to charge Ciavarella for those crimes.  The US Attorney had mountains of evidence as well as high profile witnesses that received very lenient plea deals waiting in the wings to testify and support those charges.  At the very last moment when the other shoe was about to drop and to everyone’s shock and horror, he pulled the plug on the prosecution.  That “Can of Worms” remains very tightly sealed.

My predictions are plain and simple: Ciavarella will reverse at least half of the charges he has appealed due to the direct actions and statements of the US Attorney’s Office.  I also predict he will still be walking the streets as a free man as we enter the New Year.  Thank you, US Attorney Peter Smith and thank you, Federal Judge Kosik.

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