I have a great idea.  How about an in-depth investigation into the entire Judicial Conduct Board?  The JCB gave no less than 5 reasons as to why they did not act on the Conahan Complaint as they are “REQUIRED” to do by their own rules.  All 5 explanations turned out to be misstatements of facts.  There was a time when we called misstatements of facts “lies”.

The fact of the matter was during the timeframe in question, the JCB was very, very busy removing a Judge from office that was believed to be the author of the anonymous complaint against Conahan.  Low and behold, who were the two highest profile witnesses to testify against this Judge but Ex-Judge Conahan and newly convicted Felon-Judge Ciavarella.  Did I mention that the Chairman of the JCB at that time was business partners with Ex-Judge Conahan in two different Businesses?  I also think I failed to mention the fact that the son of Former Supreme Court Chief Justice owned 50% of the juvenile prison at the center of the “Kids for Cash” scandal.

This whole cover-up MAKES MY BLOOD BOIL!  Where are the Pennsylvania Legislators on this one?

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette - The Legal Intelligencer: It's time for justices to use bully pulpit on judicial conduct