Whether you love Judge Lokuta or you hate Judge Lokuta, what happened to her was a modern day lynching. I have no confidence that the Supreme Court of Pennsylvania will do the right thing here as they themselves are part of the problem. I believe the proceedings that removed her from the bench were tainted. No that's too politically correct. I believe that the proceedings that removed Judge Lokuta from the bench were fixed and fixed in a big, big way. I also believe that not only had Conahan and Ciavarella conspired to remove Judge Lokuta because she jeopardized their cushy little kickback arrangement but I also believe that probably more than one member of the Pennsylvania Judicial Conduct Board was involved in this conspiracy.

Without a doubt in my mind I believe that Judge Lokuta should be reinstated to the bench. If it is determined that she should be held accountable for inappropriate actions from that bench I would then be the VERY FIRST person to demand that it happen. Of all of the people in the world, I am the last person to defend a Luzerne County Judge for anything. I believe what happened to Judge Lokuta in this instance is criminal in every sense of the word. Until, or if, she is removed from the bench by untainted proceedings I will always address her as Judge Lokuta.