Please go to the following link and read this article about a Ciavarella trial (kids for cash) juror's comments before you read my Blog.

The Times Leader - Juror: Sentence 'excessive'

Excellent, informative, well written article!  This article clearly outlines the major flaws with both the prosecution and handling of this case.  No one should believe that any of these problems were created by accident or mistake.  The US Attorney in charge and the Judge in this case are two of the most experienced and seasoned veterans anyone could ever hope for.  Conscious decisions were made every step of the way. I recently told a very wise man who mistakenly still believes in the system to watch what actually happens as an end result.  I told him to focus on the final destination because everything else is just fluff for public consumption.  I just e-mailed my friend and told him that the “Fat Lady” isn’t even in the building yet.