In order to RESTORE faith in the Luzerne County Juvenile Justice System one would have to first assume that there was ever faith in the system to begin with.  That my friends, is a huge assumption.  As a vocal critic of the Luzerne County Judiciary for over 20 years I am here to tell you that the more I dug into the cesspool we call the Courthouse the more I came to realize that the system is corrupt all the way to Harrisburg.  Mere exposure of this corruption does absolutely nothing to change the status quo. I have personally testified before a State Committee on Judicial Reform.  I have filed a formal complaint with the Pennsylvania Judicial Conduct Board and participated in an exhaustive corruption investigation with their Chief Investigator. I have filed an extensive complaint about judicial corruption in Luzerne County with the Pennsylvania State Attorney General’s Office only to have the Attorney General himself (Preate) incarcerated in Federal Prison on corruption charges.  I sat down with FBI agents and presented hardcore provable evidence of this corruption 15 years ago.  The end result is that things have only gotten much, much, worse than when I first started my odyssey.

Along the way many of those who have also criticized and attempted to expose this corruption have been called horrible names and had their integrity and sanity questioned in the public forum.  My dear friend Carolee Medico Olenginski could be the poster child for such attacks.

I personally don’t know District Attorney Jackie Musto Carroll but our darkest days occurred during her watch.  As far as I am concerned the jury is still out on the DA.

The Juvenile Task Force referenced in this report however well intended will amount to nothing but window dressing if in-fact the powers that be in Harrisburg want the system to remain within their direction and total control.  There are reasons why the corruption is as extensive as it is.  The reasons DO NOT include lack of exposure, lack of investigative resources, or lack of laws that govern such illegal or unethical behavior.  I have come to conclude that the biggest obstacle in reforming the Judiciary is Harrisburg itself.