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If you care about freedom and equality in America, you must read this book!

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The Pennsylvania Judicial Conduct Board Should Be Investigated

Posted by Larry Hohol on Friday, March 25, 2011, In : Kids for Cash Scandal 
I have a great idea.  How about an in-depth investigation into the entire Judicial Conduct Board?  The JCB gave no less than 5 reasons as to why they did not act on the Conahan Complaint as they are “REQUIRED” to do by their own rules.  All 5 explanations turned out to be misstatements of facts.  There was a time when we called misstatements of facts “lies”.

The fact of the matter was during the timeframe in question, the JCB was very, very busy removing a Judge from office that was be...

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Where Paul Kanjorski Should Spend His Golden Years

Posted by Larry Hohol on Monday, January 10, 2011, In : Current News 
In a new Scranton Times-Tribune interview Paul Kanjorski ADMITS that there is widespread corruption in his district.  Imagine that!

I have a question.  In the two plus decades that Mr. Kanjorski served as our Congressman, what did he do about this widespread corruption?  At best, NOTHING.  At worst, he participated in it.  Why didn’t the best and brightest of Corporate America want to participate in the development of Water Jet Technology?  The answer is because it had already been develope...

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