My first EVER book signing could not have gone any better. The signing was held on Sunday, June 19th at the Barnes & Noble mega-store located at the Arena Hub in Wilkes-Barre Pennsylvania. The store’s phone started ringing off the hook with credit card orders for my book, THE DAY BEFORE THE SIGNING! I was asked to start my signing early because of the size of the crowd and by 2:15 PM Barnes & Noble was sold out of my book. The signing was originally scheduled to end at 4 PM. I even sold my display copy and had to retrieve a used book from my car to set on my table with the “Sold Out” sign on it.

In addition to the signing I was interviewed on three different radio stations as well as interviewed twice by the local NBC TV affiliate WBRE channel 28. Being the second lead story on the 6pm news certainly didn’t hurt as far as spreading the word.

My interview on WILK’s Sue Henry Show was originally scheduled for 15 minutes. It lasted 2 hours and only ended because her show was over for the day. Her switch board looked like a Christmas tree. The PBS radio station WVIA pre-recorded my interview which I have yet to hear because of a meeting I was in when it aired. I have been told a copy of the interview is in the mail and should be here shortly. Finally, my interview on the David Madeira Show was very informative and as always professionally hosted.

All of the above interviews will be posted to my web-site as soon as time permits. We are having some audio issues with the TV interview which will take a little time to work out so please bear with us.

I want to thank everyone who turned out for my signing and helped make it the success it was. I never knew when a person can actually call themselves an “Author”. Now I do.