Ever wonder how and why corruption in Luzerne County could possibly have gotten as bad as it is?  All you have to do is look at how corruption is dealt with once it has been exposed.  The best and brightest U.S. Attorneys that the United States Government has to offer are botching the "kids for cash" Ciavarella case right before our very eyes.  Seasoned, highly paid prosecutors have sat on their hands to the point that the Judge has objected to statements made instead of them.  Now they have rested their case without providing any evidence to support some of the most hideous portions of this criminal prosecution.  I would think there are more than a couple of very angry FBI agents wandering around Scranton today wondering what the heck is going on here.  It makes me think if maybe the Feds should have just left us alone.  At least before they showed up we knew who the bad guys were. 

The Times Leader - Shock in the courtroom