The link below is a very well written and thought out article.  I know for a fact that whoever starts out in a lawsuit with the deepest pockets usually prevails.  Right or wrong,  black or white has little to do with the outcome.  Just when I thought things couldn't get much worse, it appears that the powerful elite are now going to use the courts to quiet the masses.  I am here to tell you that the courts are as much a political machine as any out there.  The scariest part is that judges are rarely held accountable for egregious rulings and will, without hesitation permanently seal records from public view to hide their own digressions as did former President Judge Conahan.  Appellate Courts offer little more than "rubber stamping" of even the most outrageous of rulings.  I have no dog in the fight that is referenced in the attached article but will be watching it very closely as it appears the stage is being set for some serious First Amendment issues.

Citizen's Voice - Lawsuits against citizen activists punish all of us