Ex-Judge Conahan told the biggest lie of his entire life when he stated that the system was not corrupt. The system all the way through failed to stop both of these judges.  The Judicial Conduct Board knew the bulk of the issues that these two corrupt judges were eventually charged with.  Instead of investigating as the board is "REQUIRED" to do, the board tabled a detailed anonymous complaint against these very judges and instead went after the Judge suspected of being the author.  This same board removed this whistle blowing judge and made her the very first judge in the history of Pennsylvania to be removed from the bench without first being charged with a crime..........any crime.  The Supreme Court of Pennsylvania was petitioned by a Juvenile Advocacy group out of Philadelphia that listed in painful detail the plight of our children in Luzerne County at the hands of these criminals.  Their petition was dismissed without so much as a comment.   The FBI came to investigate this matter because the entire system that was in place to stop such atrocities failed to do their jobs.  The Chairman of the JCB at this time was business partners with Conahan and one of the owners of the Juvenile Detention Center at the heart of entire scandal is none other than the son of a retired Chief Justice of the Pennsylvania Supreme Court.  Where is the follow up investigation of these serious conflicts of interest?  Where is the outrage?  Politics as usual in the corruption capital of the country.