Upwards of 40 Complaints filed against Conahan and Ciavarella and all were dismissed by the Judicial Conduct Board when in fact C&C admitted they were committing unspeakable felonies while on the bench. Most of the witnesses who testified against Judge Lokuta have been arrested, removed from office, or worked directly for those who have. The Chairman of the Judicial Conduct Board was business partners with Conahan. Attorney Dick Sprague who spearheaded the removal of Judge Lokuta while sitting on the Pennsylvania Court of Judicial Discipline also represented Attorney Powell and the very prison that the “Kids for Cash” scandal revolves around. And if this was not enough Attorney Powell’s partner in the prison ownership was none other than the son of retired Pennsylvania Supreme Court Chief Justice Zappala. 

The Supreme Court has ALL of this information and a lot more yet they refuse to grant Judge Lokuta another trial while they have done so with just about every other litigant that has touched this scandal. I am convinced that the Supreme Courts biggest fear is the exposure of wrong doings by the Judicial Conduct Board should another trial be granted to Judge Lokuta  I also believe this entire matter is a shining example of how and why the “Kids for Cash” scandal not only happened but flourished for years right out in the open. I sure hope the FBI and the U.S. Attorney’s Office are looking hard at this entire situation. This is not about whether or not Judge Lokuta acted like Judge Judy. This is about the “Rule of Law” and everyone’s federally protected Constitutional Rights. 

The Times Leader - Lokuta requests new look at ruling 

I posted the links to the original January 14, 2011 documents from the Pennsylvania Supreme Court in an earlier blog.  For your convenience, here they are again: