The Luzerne "Kids For Cash" Scandal.

What a pitiful charade.  Most people in Luzerne County know that if the Pennsylvania Judicial Conduct Board did its job as required by its own rules Conahan and Ciavarella would have been stopped in their tracks 3 years and thousands of children before the FBI finally came into town and arrested the two judges.

Most also know if the Supreme Court of Pennsylvania did its job when an emergency “Kings Bench" petition was filed by a Philadelphia based Juvenile advocacy group this scandal would have again been stopped in its tracks years before it was.  Instead the Supreme Court denied the petition by discarding all of the overwhelming evidence of wrong doing without even conducting a simple hearing.  Maybe the fact that retired Supreme Court Chief Justice Zappala’s son owned half of the Juvenile prison at the center of this scandal entered into their denial........ maybe not.

I personally believe that the recent Philadelphia Inquirers demand that Chief Justice Castille immediately resign from the Supreme Court of Pennsylvania is a good idea.  No I think it is a great idea.

Until someone addresses the real issue here which is corruption, this entire matter is not going to go away no matter how hard the politicians or Castille try.

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