If the Pennsylvania Bar Association is truly concerned about Judicial Corruption why don't they insist on a complete investigation of the Judicial Conduct Board and its DIRECT involvement in the Kids for Cash Scandal?  I will tell you why. The Bar Association is as much a part of the problem as any other aspect of this corruption. I personally called the State Bar Association about 6 weeks ago as I wanted to testify at their Dog and Pony Show when it came to Wilkes-Barre.  The very polite woman that I spoke to didn't have a clue as to what I was talking about (or so she said) and referred me to the Supreme Court which was a total waste of time. I never thought I would agree with Chief Public Defender of Luzerne County Al Flora but he is absolutely correct with the statements he made before the Commission.  I am shocked he would have the guts to state what he did and I am sure he will feel personal repercussions for his statements. Attorney Flora did not stick with the script which is a BIG no-no. My respect for Flora has increased 10 fold.  Everything we are seeing here is "Smoke and Mirrors".  Expect things to get worse after the FBI pull stakes and move on.

The Times Leader - DA referring county judge actions to state