The release of my documentary concerning a police brutality case in Bradford County Pennsylvania appears to be going viral. In 4 days we have had over 7000 views of this 37 minute video. Actual dash cam video and audio clearly show this man was not combative in any way but was beaten and tasered repeated even AFTER he was shackled, hogtied, and totally submissive. The scariest part of all of this is that the Internal Affairs Dept of the PA State Police, Bradford County District Attorney, Bradford County Judge Jeffery Smith, and this man’s Public Defender all watched this same dash-cam video and did nothing about it. No, it is even worse than that. They prosecuted or allowed the prosecution of the victim. He is presently incarcerated in the Bradford County Corrections Facility where he has been since March of 2010. Please watch and then pass it along. Something must be done about this horrific assault.