Please consider attending my event for two very good reasons. Number one is that my book signing is a major part of a fund raiser for WVIA (PBS) TV and Radio based in North East Penna. The second reason is that I am the “Featured Author” for this 8 day fund raiser and it sure would be nice to show community support for these PBS stations. Even if you don’t buy my book a percentage of all Barnes & Noble sales proceeds will go directly to WVIA. Secondly, it sure would be nice to meet as many people as possible who have been following me as an author and my book as a serious source of exposure to the Corrupt Judicial System that we all know as the Luzerne County Judiciary.

I am honored that Barnes & Noble has selected me and my book to participate at such a high level. It truly is a wonderful form of validation for the hard work and sacrifices that it took to write my book and to relive those dark days.  Please tell your friends, family, and co-workers about this very worthwhile event.

Remember: Being “RAILROADED” in Luzerne County has nothing to do with trains.