I would love to be the first to tell everyone that with the 30 month prison term of Ex-Judge Michael Toole, we can all now live “happily ever after”, but I can’t.  Compared to the massive corruption that has occurred in the Luzerne County Courthouse over the past century what Ex-Judge Toole has been sentenced for here is mere “Childs Play”.  Not reporting a $30,000.00 finder’s fee (that’s code for a bribe) and using a vacation home a few times for free is NOTHING compared to the destruction that this corrupted judiciary has done to the average, unconnected, taxpaying Luzerne County Litigant!  Real businesses, families, and lives have been destroyed.  Due process for the most part has been nothing but a mythical fairytale.

The arrest and sentencing of Ex-Judge Michael Toole is the very smallest portion of a tiny step that has been taken in the right direction. I honestly believe that the REAL story here is not how much money these corrupted officials have taken to secretly line their own pockets but rather the heartbreak and misery they have caused countless victims of this corrupted system. Cases are “Fixed” because the evidence or the law does not support the desired outcome. What I personally know about the corruption in the Luzerne County Courthouse makes my skin crawl.