Everyone PLEASE Google the phrase “Kids for Cash”. It is a huge ongoing scandal involving a privatized prison in Pennsylvania in which thousands of children were illegally incarcerated over a period of about the last 5 years. Two State Judges have been arrested by the FBI for taking bribes amounting to over 2.8 million dollars from the prison developers and the prison operators. The entire safety net system up to and including the Supreme Court of PA failed to halt these incarcerations even after they were made aware of their illegality. Over 6000 children have now had their juvenile records purged from the system and over 30 indictments have been processed to date with no end in sight.

I have just released a book that outlines the corruption in this specific courthouse that occurred from the 1990’s up to the current scandal. It is called, The Luzerne County Railroad (click "The Book" tab at the very top of this page to read more about it). PLEASE look at what is happening in your state and do something about it. Conflicts of interest should not be tolerated. I am here to tell you that the wholesale incarceration of adults and/or children for profit is not a myth. It is as real as Nazi Germany was.

God help us all.

CNN - Judges get $2.6M in kickbacks in exchange for locking kids up. UPDATE: 4.21.2010. Criminal probe of Pa Judicial Conduct Board (JCB) sought.