I hope everyone takes the time to read the actual court transcripts that are linked below. This type of conflict of interest occurs a lot more than this court, any court will ever admit. I am not just talking about taking bribes. I am talking about serious conflicts of interest between the judge and one of the participating parties that is intentionally and illegally hidden from view by the judge. Just imagine being in court for any reason, spending the money for competent representation and believing in the RULE of Law only to have the outcome of your case decided before a single sentence of testimony is heard. I am here to tell you it happens all the time. I have written about this very subject extensively in my book "The Luzerne County Railroad". It is a massive nationwide scandal. The worst part of this story is that all of the checks and balances that are in place to oversee the courts allow this massive fraud to be perpetrated against its citizens without hesitation. If you don't believe me, just ask anyone who has filed a complaint with the Judicial Conduct Board. As you will read in my book, I was one of those poor souls who filed such a complaint.

Citizen's Voice - Attorneys describe hostile atmosphere in courtroom 

McCarron Court Transcript