I want everyone to understand that this is what Former Judge Conahan voluntarily pled guilty to and voluntarily accepted as his punishment.  He was indicted on 47 other counts, most of which were more serious than this single charge.  The only one who made out here today was Conahan and he is going to jail for a long time.  When he addressed Federal Judge Kosik he made it very clear he was not going to “Rat” on anyone.  He stated, “The system is not corrupt, I am corrupt”.  Of all the lies Ex-Judge Conahan has ever told, this is by far the largest.  I swear I could hear the powers that be in Harrisburg take a big fat sucking sigh of relief.  Conahan knows where all the bodies are buried in Harrisburg and he made it really clear, he’s not taking anyone with him.  Guess what Harrisburg.  We don’t need Conahan to expose exactly what has been going on.  We don’t need him one bit.  See you soon.