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The Legal Intelligencer - Legal Observers Say Conahan's Sentence Fair, Starting Point for Healing

I couldn’t disagree more with all that were interviewed for this article.  I am a Luzerne County Native and a former Law Enforcement Officer from this County.  I am here to tell you that Ex-Judge/Convicted Felon Conahan told the biggest lie of his life while he addressed his victims and the Sentencing Judge. He stated the system was not corrupt, he was. The Chairman of the  Judicial Conduct Board was his business partner in two separate and distinct businesses during this time frame. Conahan was the highest profile witness called when a fellow judge suspected of a whistle blowing attempt on the "Kids for Cash" scandal was brought before the Pennsylvania Court of Judicial Discipline on non-criminal misconduct charges. This Judge (Lokuta) became the first Judge in the history of Pennsylvania to be removed from the bench without first being charged with a crime.  The top 4 (highest profile) witnesses to testify against Judge Lokuta have since been arrested on corruption charges.

The Supreme Court of Pennsylvania had a detailed "kings bench petition" presented to it requesting emergency intervention in the "Kids for Cash" scandal long before the FBI made their arrests. The Supreme Court dismissed the petition without comment.  At best the Supreme Court was inept.  I am thinking culpable after all, the son of a former Supreme Court Chief Justice was an owner of the Kiddy Prison at the heart of this scandal.

Former President Judge Conahan was charged by a Federal Grand Jury on a laundry list of 48 felony counts.  He pleaded guilty to one.  The feeling of injustice and continued cover up are apparently shared by most everyone in Luzerne County with the exception being that of members of the Bar Association. As much as those in power would want to take a collective sigh of relief and get back to business as usual I am here to tell you there is a large ground swell of very unhappy, law abiding citizens who will not let any of this rest.  Business as usual will not be business as usual.  Not without a fight.