My comments about Judge Lokuta have stirred some impassioned reactions from readers of my newspaper article comments and my blog.

Let me make it clear.  I am not a fan of Judge Lokuta.  That being said, we know that a number of people who testified against Judge Lokuta were committing felonies at the same time they testified against her.  We also know that the Chairman of the Judicial Conduct Board was business partners in TWO businesses with one of those admitted felons (Conahan) thus creating a HUGE conflict of interest.  At the very least it appears Judge Lokuta should be reprimanded and probably removed from the bench but not this way.  I have had first hand dealings with the Judicial Conduct Board and I am here to tell you that they need to be looked at very, very closely.  More importantly, the thought of removing an elected official from any office, regardless of who it is, by anything other than a crystal clear, pristine process totally defeats our constitution and everything that makes us the country that we are.  Do I agree that Judge Lokuta should be removed from the bench?  Probably!  Do I believe that it doesn’t matter if the process to remove her was tainted as long as she goes, absolutely not.  I agree however that the Supreme Court is a big part of the problem but for different reasons.