A FedEx box stuffed full of cash destined for Luzerne County Judges as bribes. It use to be plain white envelopes but since we stopped printing one thousand dollar bills it has now become necessary to use boxes for such transactions. When I think back at all of the far out and bizarre rulings that have come out of the Luzerne County Courthouse absolutely NOTHING surprises me.  More money has been stolen in Luzerne County with a briefcase and a gavel than ever with a gun. It is not only the arrogance by which these travesties occur but the confidence of the perpetrators that alarms me most. Residents of Luzerne County have been begging for help with this corrupt courthouse for decades to no avail. This is exactly what happens when all of the systems and safeguards are as corrupt as the judges they oversee.

Citizen's Voice - Former prothonotary Moran all boxed up