Count me among those who used the terms, "Unbelievable, Shocking, and Disappointing.”  Add to that list “Totally Predictable.”  Many months ago I publicly predicted that the Pennsylvania Supreme Court would NEVER rule in favor of a new trial for Judge Lokuta.  I also stated that their decision would have NOTHING to do with the facts of the case or the law of the land but rather more with their concerns surrounding a new trial and the exposure that the Judicial Conduct Board would then receive.  I strongly believe that the Supreme Court would love for this entire issue to just go away and die a natural death.  I am here to tell you that I have made it my “Life’s Mission” to see that nothing short of a Federal Grand Jury investigate the Judicial Conduct Board and if need be the Supreme Court itself.  Anyone with evidence of JCB abuses can forward their information to me directly via e-mail at

Unfortunately, I have had first hand dealings with the JCB and I am here to tell you that the JCB needs to be examined from top to bottom.  Decades of operating in “Secret” and not being held accountable to anyone but the Supreme Court Justices themselves has made for quite a witches’ brew. Mr. Grezlak, Editor-in-Chief of The Legal Intelligencer outlines the issues very clearly.  A first year law student could see the absolute need for a new trial in the Judge Lokuta matter. Major questions abound surrounding the JCB’s handling of this case as well as many, many other cases.  This should have been the Court’s obvious conclusion.  Instead of the Supreme Court stepping in and saying, “Wait a minute, something is very wrong here and it needs to be corrected” they have taken the position that EVERYTHING was done “correctly” and we all just need to move on.  In doing so I believe the Supreme Court has in fact acknowledged their own complicity.

The Legal Intelligencer - Justices' Refusal to Grant Retrial to Lokuta Further Weakens Suspect System

For further research about the Judge Lokuta appeal and to read the original court documents from the January 14, 2011 decision by the Pennsylvania Supreme Court, read my blog here:

"Were the Proceedings to Remove Judge Lokuta Tainted?"