Imagine Kanjorski calling someone else...  anyone else, A CROOK!  I don’t think anyone out there thinks that he meant what he said on most subjects let alone this one.  I believe he literally didn’t want to take Governor Rick Scott out and put him against a wall and shoot him, however he did say it and it is called rhetoric. Anti-rhetoric is what all the politians who are trying to make hay with these days and are using it to bash their opposition.  Kanjorski must not have gotten the memo.  As a former constituent of Kanjorski’s and presently a resident of Governor Rick Scotts Florida, I demand that Kanjorski apologize to everyone including the Governor.  I demand it!  The only measure of a man is what he does after he makes a mistake and mister, this is a beauty. I expect your apology on the very same day that pigs fly.