Smoke and mirrors.  Don’t look at what Judge Kosik says, look at what he does.  The end result is the real, name of the game.  Here is my prediction.  Judge Kosik will sentence Ciavarella to a moderate to heavy jail sentence.  That will make the general public, who doesn’t know how the game is played, very happy.  Here is where it gets interesting.  I predict that Judge Kosik will then assign the heaviest jail time to the charges that Ciavarella has on appeal and very little time to the charges that are not on appeal.  Kosik WILL allow Ciavarella to remain free on bail pending his appeal, which will take years.  Ciavarella will reverse at least half of the charges he has on appeal due directly to the statements made by the US Attorney’s Office at the Mericle hearing.  Ciavarella will continue to appeal the charges he could not get reversed on his first appeal go around and remain free on bail.  By the time Ciavarella is ordered to prison, he will most likely be in a wheelchair.  God help us all and I hope I am totally wrong.

Citizen's Voice - Transcript reveals Ciavarella eligible for life in prison