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Larry Hohol - Judicial Corruption Blog

Browsing Archive: March, 2011

Investigation of Judicial Conduct Board is now REQUIRED

Posted by Larry Hohol on Wednesday, March 30, 2011, In : Kids for Cash Scandal 
I am here to tell you that if the FBI hadn't come to town and arrested Ex-Judge Toole he would still be looking down his drunken nose from his lofty perch and corruptly judging us common folk.  There needs to be a full blown Grand Jury Investigation of the Pennsylvania Judicial Conduct Board as far back as the law permits. I would also venture to say if not for the FBI, both Ex-Judges Conahan and Ciavarella would still be stuffing the kiddy prison full while they themselves living the lifesty...
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The Pennsylvania Judicial Conduct Board Should Be Investigated

Posted by Larry Hohol on Friday, March 25, 2011, In : Kids for Cash Scandal 
I have a great idea.  How about an in-depth investigation into the entire Judicial Conduct Board?  The JCB gave no less than 5 reasons as to why they did not act on the Conahan Complaint as they are “REQUIRED” to do by their own rules.  All 5 explanations turned out to be misstatements of facts.  There was a time when we called misstatements of facts “lies”.

The fact of the matter was during the timeframe in question, the JCB was very, very busy removing a Judge from office that was be...

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US Attorney Peter Smith’s decision will harm victims of the “Kids for Cash” scandal

Posted by Larry Hohol on Monday, March 7, 2011, In : Kids for Cash Scandal 
US Attorney Peter Smith knew exactly what he was doing when he did not put a single piece of evidence into the trial of Ciavarella that created any official record of "Kids for Cash".  Tax Evasion, Racketeering, and Conspiracy YES. Kids for Cash"......NO!  I for one don't buy Smith’s explanation as to why he did what he did or in this case, what he didn’t do.

The Citizen's Voice - County: Scope of kids-for-cash kickback scheme is exaggerated

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Pennsylvania Supreme Court Chief Justice Castille Should Step Down

Posted by Larry Hohol on Thursday, March 3, 2011, In : Kids for Cash Scandal 
The Luzerne "Kids For Cash" Scandal.

What a pitiful charade.  Most people in Luzerne County know that if the Pennsylvania Judicial Conduct Board did its job as required by its own rules Conahan and Ciavarella would have been stopped in their tracks 3 years and thousands of children before the FBI finally came into town and arrested the two judges.

Most also know if the Supreme Court of Pennsylvania did its job when an emergency “Kings Bench" petition was filed by a Philadelphia based Juvenile...

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