I want to hear US Attorney Peter Smith tell us what a great victory it is after Ciavarella reverses 8 of his 12 guilty charges on appeal.  His own office will be the direct reason for the reversal.  The US Attorney who handled Mericle’s case stated in open court during Mericle’s plea that Mericle paid Ciavarella a finder’s fee and not a bribe.  He further went on to say that a finder’s fee is totally legal.  The very same US Attorney’s Office went on to convict Ciavarella of taking a bribe from Mericle and NOT a finder’s fee.  This is simply a stroke of genius.  Just ask Smith, he'll tell you, genius! It probably won’t matter much, by the time Ciavarella is done with his appeals US Attorney Smith will be retired and Ciavarella will be dead of old age.