It appears that even the FBI and US Attorney’s Office did not want to open this can of worms. Understaffing of both organizations is probably the reason. Both organizations appeared content with carving a few more notches in their proverbial briefcases and moving on. A public trial of this magnitude has huge ramifications. It has the potential to not only expose massive corruption that extends far beyond Luzerne County but more troubling massive cover up by sitting, “high profile” politicians and oversight organizations. The “Kids for Cash” scandal did not occur in a vacuum.

The Pennsylvania Judicial Conduct Board had a detailed complaint concerning this very matter in their possession 3 full years before the FBI arrested these judges. By sheer coincidence, I’m sure; the JCB not only failed to investigate these serious allegations as required by their own rules but in-fact permanently removed the judge from the bench that they suspected of providing all of the details in this very complaint. The Pennsylvania Supreme Court failed miserably when presented with an emergency “Kings Bench Petition” by a Philadelphia juvenile advocacy organization that detailed the alarmingly high incarceration rate of juveniles in Luzerne County. Did I mention a Pennsylvania Supreme Court Chief Justice’s son owned half of the for profit juvenile prison in Luzerne County?

To top it off, there are huge conflicts of interest though out the JCB and the Pennsylvania Court of Judicial Discipline. I suspect that even the US Attorney’s office will attempt some sort of “damage control” during the trial as they are understaffed, overworked, and federal prison cells are in short supply. 

The Legal Intelligencer - As Trial Approaches, Echoes of Ciavarella's Trip to the Stand