I am convinced that there is a cover up of the entire "Kids for Cash" scandal taking place before our very eyes.  Think about it.  The US Attorney's Office “shocked the world” when they rested their case against Ciavarella without presenting a single exhibit or witness to support the "kids for cash" charges in the indictment.  NOTHING on the record, NOTHING! US Attorney Peter Smith then stated after the trial that 12 guilty verdicts out of 39 charges was a great victory and that Federal Court was not the appropriate venue to litigate the "Kids for Cash" issue.  What?  The FBI thought it was appropriate.  The Grand Jury thought it was appropriate.  Two of Mr. Smith’s predecessors thought it was appropriate.  Mr. Smith appears to be the only one I know of that thought it wasn’t appropriate.  If not Federal Court, where? It appears very simple.  I believe that too many high profile officials were about to be pulled into the investigation.  Ex-Judges Conahan and Ciavarella did not operate in a vacuum.  The Judicial Conduct Board as well as the Pennsylvania Supreme Court knew most of what Conahan & Ciavarella were doing yet for some unknown and unexplained reasons they allowed what was happening to children in Luzerne County to continue.  There could be a number of possible reasons for such a cover up.  Averting a crisis of confidence in Pennsylvania Government and its Judiciary come to mind.  Good old fashion political corruption is my guess.